Flamenco Skirt orange flower costume skirt and leotard

$180 $220

This beautiful flamenco costume in orange color and floral print was made by our flamenco fashion designer and represent the colors of spring-summer.

Our Flamenco Fashion Designer loves to dress Bailaoras and has a unique taste and great imagination to combine colors and create new designs. The bad news or good news for many is that their pieces are unique, so she only makes 1 or 2 pieces of each size.

This skirt diagonally fits the female figure, has 6 Ruffles (3 lace and 3 in a solid color) the upper part is a floral stretch fabric, which allows you to dance comfortably.

The orange flamenco leotard is a separate piece that you can combine with other skirts. The front has a neckline in the shape of a heart, and the back part has a round neckline in lace. The end of the sleeves has two ruffles combined in lace and solids 

Accentuates the female figure
Flamenco style with a touch of sensuality
Fits your hips
Diagonal skirt
Stretch fabric 
Designed with fajin so you can adapt it to your height.
In Stock in USA

Flamenco Skirts





Waist (inches)

22 (55.5 cm)

23 (58 cm)

26 (65 cm)

Lower Hips (inches)

31 (80 cm)

32 (82.5 cm)

35 (88.5 cm)

Length (inches)

39 (99 cm)

39 (99 cm)

39 (99 cm)

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