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About us

Olé Olé Flamenco is a flamenco online boutique dream up by an inspirational couple in New York City. They started this company with a clear vision: to transcend trends and support flamenco community.

“We Inspire others through the passion we feel for this art style and supporting flamenco community”

The products are imported from Spain, 100% handmade by Spanish artisans. Each piece is specially selected by the couple, and they are responsible for checking its quality before taking it for sale.

"We are in love with this beautiful art that is full of courage, strength, inspiration, and sensuality.

It's not just the dance but everything that goes with it, and the style, what you wear when you're expressing this art, it's something very important and unique, which is also responsible for highlighting the beauty of flamenco.

Every detail in the wardrobe, accessories, and footwear that you wear makes you feel even more that flamenco spirit "

Olé Olé flamenco supports all teachers and people who promote this art through their session Flamenco On the Spot, attending events, through photo sessions and videos made by this team.

"We are more than a flamenco store, we are a family and we are a community."

Any question contact us