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Gallardo Footwear

GALLARDO is one of the first flamenco shoe factories in Spain, they have existed since 1951, their work is entirely handmade and they have their main factory located in Madrid.

For the commitment that Gallardo footwear has maintained for years with their quality, sound, and comfort in their footwear, they reached the most famous dance studios and the most prestigious stages, at the feet of the leading figures of flamenco.

Relevant figures like Sara Baras, Antonio Najarro, Olga Pericet, Maria Pages, Rocio Molina, Marco Flores, Jose Porcel, Alfonso Losa, use the wonderful brand Gallardo.

Without forgetting big dance companies like the National Ballet of Spain, the company of Sara Baras, the Andalusian Company of Dance, the Company of Antonio Gades, the Company of Cristina Hoyos, the Company Rojas Y Rodríguez.

In addition recognized instructors like Sara Martín which teaches flamenco classes at the famous school located in Madrid, Amor de Dios.

And last but not least, the young people who are the new promises of the flamenco scene.

It is important to emphasize that the sound of flamenco footwear is fundamental, regardless if you are a student or professional dancer, from the beginning you must choose a flamenco shoe of high quality and with an excellent sound to sharpen your ear.

The way to place the nails is special to ensure the best sound to the consumer. The Gallardo pair of shoes uses 300 nails.