Flamenco Tablao El Barrio | 2nd Friday of the month

Flamenco Event Tablao El Barrio

Presenting a monthly flamenco tablao performance in the heart of El Barrio featuring celebrated artists from the U.S. and Spain and authentic tapas and sangria made by Spanish Chef Rocio Salceda of La Junta NYC. Every performance is different! Join us for a unique date night idea, outing with friends and/or family. Our shows are kid-friendly and open to all.


Friday, February 8, 2019 - 9:00 pm & 10:00pm


Antonia Jimenez and Manuel Cazas, toque / guitar

Barbara Martinez, cante / singer

Adva Yermivah and Xianix Barrera, baile/dance

Spanish Tapas and Libations by Spanish Chef Rocío Salceda - CASH ONLY

More information: http://www.xianix.com/#performances

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