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Jale Amateur Black Fiber

These castanets are designed especially for people who are starting out in castanets classes or who already have some prior knowledge but do not want to use Pollopas (plastic castanets) and are looking for something of higher quality but with an affordable cost.

The Jale Amateur is the perfect find since these castanets are made of resin which makes them more resistant and durable, and in its relation to the quality-price it is quite right.

Jale is a business founded in 1990 and has more than 25 years of experience in the market making castanets.

Did you know?

The castanets come with

- A male castanet (castañuela macho) which has the high-pitched sound (sonido más agudo)


- A female castanet (castañuela hembra) which has the low-pitched sound (sonido grave)

How can I differentiate the male castanet from the female castanet?

If you can't tell the difference between the sound, you can know because just the male castanet has a notch on the top of the castanet between the ear.

In which hand should I use the male castanet and female castanet?

- The male castanet which has the high-pitched sound is placed in the right hand.

- The female castanet has a low-pitched sound in the left hand.


Amateur Fiber Castanets
Made of Resin
Color: Black
Size 6 (Ideal for women and teens)
Level: Beginners
Good quality and sound

One (1) pair of castanets. One (1) castanet for each hand.

Jale Amateur Black Fiber
Jale Amateur Black Fiber Sale price$45.00