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Jale Pollopas Castanets


Pollopas are castanets made of plastic and it is a quite right castanet in its value for money.

The Pollopas are specially designed for children and for adult beginners looking for an economic castanet of reasonable quality.

Jale is a business founded in 1990 and have more than 25 years of experience in the market making castanets.

Did you know?

The castanets come with

- A male castanet (castañuela macho) which has the high-pitched sound (sonido más agudo)


- A female castanet (castañuela hembra) which has the low-pitched sound (sonido grave)

How can I differentiate the male castanet from the female castanet?

If you can't tell the difference between the sound, you can know because just the male castanet has a notch on the top of the castanet between the ear.

In which hand should I use the male castanet and female castanet?

- The male castanet which has the high-pitched sound is placed in the right hand.

- The female castanet which has the low-pitched sound in the left hand. 


Material: Plastic
Level: Begginers 
- Number 4 - Ideal for small kids
- Number 5 - Ideal for big kids and women with small hands
- Number 6 - Adult and teens

One (1) pair of castanets. One (1) castanet for each hand.

Jale Pollopas Castanets
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