Flamenco Castanets black concert with double soundbox Fibra concierto


Castañuelas del Sur
Spanish Castanets model Fibra Concierto negra doble caja made with High precision resin and V-Shaped ear

Flame co castanets black concert
Double Soundbox
Tuned and sanded by hand
Recorded with our brand HERNANDEZ
Size: Number 4 (3.4 x 2.7 inches)
Well pitched and clean sound
Sanded and polished
Best quality
Ideal for students
Includes a carrying red case
Made in Spain
Castanets in the box two (2)
One (1) Castanet for each hand

Our pair of castanets come with a male (macho) castanet (high-pitched sound) and a female (hembra) castanet (low-pitched sound).

The castanet for the right hand (macho castanet) is marked with a line at the top (near the area where the plates separate).

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