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Article: Flamenco on the spot: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

Flamenco on the spot: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

Flamenco on the spot: Ekaterina Tsvetkova

Ekaterina Tsvetkova
Flamenco Dancer | Choreographer
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia 

Aire Flamenco rusia

Ekaterina Tsvetkova: Russian dancer & choreographer, artistic director of the flamenco dance theatre & school «Aire».

Started her studies of dance at the age of five with classical ballet.

Has a degree of choreographer and leader of a dance company (College of Culture and Art, St. Petersburg, Russia).

From 1999 she has devoted her professional career to flamenco dance and since 2002 has been studying in Spain regularly.

In 2003 has founded flamenco school and dance company «Aire» in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Dance theatre & school Aire

The Spanish word «aire» has multiple meanings: air, atmosphere, wind, melody, rhythm, tempo, facial expression, manners, grace… This word perfectly reflects the creative style of Ekaterina Tsvetkova, which is full of sensuality and elegance, strength and passion.

Flamenco dancer and choreographer

Among Ekaterina’s projects there are many unique dance shows featuring professional artists from Russia, Spain, and Japan:

"Flamenco de mi alma" (2006), solo concert in the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum «Gem Stones» (2006), "Nature of Flamenco" (2007), "Liberflamenco" (2008), "Tarot Flamenco" (2009), "Reflections" (2010), "Trip to the World of Sound" (Fukuoka, Japan, 2010), "Transformation" (2011), "Diaries" (2012), "Subida" (2013); co-production with the Spanish dancer Juan Polvillo (Sevilla): "Conexion" premieres in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd (2007); "Maestro de Flamenco" (2008); "Corazon Flamenco" (2011); "Memoire" (2013, 2014).

Aire Flamenco TheatreHer career of dancer and choreographer intertwined with teaching by giving workshops in Russia, Belarus, Japan, China not to mention in “Aire”, her own school in Saint Petersburg.

Currently, Aire Flamenco Theatre is actively cooperating with Javier Latorre - one of the best flamenco choreographers of our time (National Dance Award for Creation, 2011). In 2015 and 2016 Ekaterina participated in the choreographic workshops of the legendary Maestro in Jerez Flamenco Festival and Flamenco Biennial Festival in Seville (Spain).

In November 2016 in the Gatchina Palace (Russia) was the premiere of the show "Crescendo" with the participation of this outstanding choreographer and dancer. "Crescendo" is a sophisticated fusion of music from different eras and styles and flamenco dance. In 2017-2018 it was presented in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow & Timisoara (Romania).

In February 2018 Ekaterina Tsvetkova took part in the performance "Vamo’ Alla" of the first international flamenco dance company "Flamenconautas" led by Maestro Latorre in one of the most important flamenco festivals in the world: XXII Festival de Jerez.

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