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Article: SHOE GUIDE - Which brand of flamenco shoes do famous dancers like?

SHOE GUIDE - Which brand of flamenco shoes do famous dancers like?
Flamenco shoes

SHOE GUIDE - Which brand of flamenco shoes do famous dancers like?

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Have you ever wondered what brand of flamenco shoes do famous dancers like Sara Baras, Antonio Najarro, Olga Pericet or recognized flamenco instructors like Sara Martin from the Amor de Dios school in Madrid use?.

Well, we do, because the flamenco footwear is the main and most important element to be able to perform this dance.

And Ole Ole Flamenco always offers their customers the best selection and quality Spanish products.

We are very excited to introduce to the market the wonderful footwear that all these important flamenco characters wear, and it is the wonderful brand of flamenco footwear called Gallardo. And we want to tell you a little more about the history of this successful company.

Who is Gallardo flamenco footwear?

GALLARDO is one of the first flamenco shoe factories in Spain, they have existed since 1951, their work is entirely handmade and they have their main factory located in Madrid.

In the factory, all shoes follow a unique quality control, the production process is monitored step by step by the factory manager.

For the commitment that Gallardo footwear has maintained for years with their quality, sound, and comfort in their footwear, they reached the most famous dance studios and the most prestigious stages, at the feet of the leading figures of flamenco.

How does the Gallardo brand manufacture the shoes?

The flamenco footwear made by the Gallardo brand is a 100% handmade work by Spanish artisans. The shoes are worked entirely by hand.

"Make a dance shoe respecting the artisanal manufacture of a lifetime" this means conserving and promoting Spanish craftsmanship by working the shoe entirely by hand. 

What artists, instructors, and famous Flamenco companies use the GALLARDO footwear brand?

Relevant figures like Sara Baras, Antonio Najarro, Olga Pericet, Maria Pages, Rocio Molina, Marco Flores, Jose Porcel, Alfonso Losa, use the wonderful brand Gallardo.

In addition recognized instructors like Sara Martín which teaches flamenco classes at the famous school located in Madrid, Amor de Dios.

Without forgetting big dance companies like the National Ballet of Spain, the company of Sara Baras, the Andalusian Company of Dance, the Company of Antonio Gades, the Company of Cristina Hoyos, the Company Rojas Y Rodríguez.

And last but not least, the young people who are the new promises of the flamenco scene.

What sets GALLARDO apart from other Flamenco footwear brands?

With much effort and dedication, the flamenco footwear brand Gallardo became known in the world of flamenco dancing as the best for its quality, detail, and sound.

It is important to emphasize that the sound of flamenco footwear is fundamental, regardless if you are a student or professional dancer, from the beginning you must choose a flamenco shoe of high quality and with an excellent sound to sharpen your ear.

The way to place the nails is special to ensure the best sound to the consumer. The Gallardo pair of shoes uses 300 nails and polished nails to take care of the wood where you dance.

The front part of the shoe is a hard tip to perform your dance steps as "tip, heel" and so the sound of the tip is solid and also to take care of the toes of your feet.

It is also important to note that all your shoes are sewn. NOT stuck. What allows you to use the shoe for many years while maintaining quality.

Yes, we have a video of how the flamenco footwear company Gallardo manufactures its shoes in Spain and we put it down here.

Olé Olé Flamenco and Gallardo footwear bring the best-selling models for you.

We bring to the American market the 3 Gallardo flamenco footwear style most used by flamenco dancers, instructors and professionals.

The Mercedes style is a famous style offered by Gallardo footwear. Which we would call Sara Baras style, elegant, classic and conservative. It is made of leather, black color that should not be missing in your closet.

We always say there are two basic colors of flamenco shoes that should never be missing in your closet. Having them is fair and necessary since they will match any flamenco garment. And the colors are black and shell.

Spanish Flamenco Shoe Mercedes

The Yerbabuena style is a shoe with a more daring touch, a footwear model that everyone falls in love with. It fits with braids and is easy to adjust to any foot width.

Flamenco Shoe Yerbabuena

The Turquesa Style is undoubtedly one of the most elegant shoe models offered by Gallardo, and for those women who like to look more stylish and elegant, we recommend the Turquesa (Turquoise) model.

This model is also used by the renowned flamenco instructor at the Amor de Dios flamenco school in Madrid, Sara Martín, for her stylized flamenco lessons.

Gallardo Dance Turquesa shoe Flamenco

At the moment of buying my Gallardo flamenco shoes, I have to wait for them to be made in Spain or are they already in the United States?

Olé Olé Flamenco and Calzados Gallardo have come together to offer their clients as quickly as possible.

That's why flamenco Gallardo shoes are already available in the United States, specifically in storage in the city of New York.

Just check the availability of sizes and models on our website.

How long should I wait for my shoe to arrive?

If you are in the United States and you choose the free shipping offered by Olé Olé Flamenco your order will take 3 to 5 days to arrive.

If you want your order to arrive faster, you must choose a priority shipping type and the payment for this shipment is on your own.

For Canada sales, the shipment is also on your own.

If I want a particular size or color that is not available on the website, how do I do it?

If you want a shoe size that is not available on our website you must write directly to and place the order.

Also if you want a special color that we do not have in storage in the United States, you should write to

And in this case, the shipping time changes since this footwear would have to be made in Spain especially for you.

For more information write to our email

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I am new to Flamenco. How do I know if I need wide? Or what happens if the don’t fit?

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